Linda Lee

Linda Lee

Have you ever been possessed by a crystal?

Okay, possessed may be too strong a word.

How about “taken over?” Called by? Spoken to? It just so happened to me a month or so ago, and I was called from across the street, no less.

Through a clear wall of glass sparkled a hundred or more beckoning calls from within the walls of Mystical Bazaar. I could not help myself but to bridge the world between sidewalks and enter the establishment that held these beauties.

Stepping inside, the floor seemed to fall way as I was embraced by the lull of several hundred crystalline beings. A warm welcome was offered from several young humans who worked there, inviting me to touch and hold any that I liked in order to feel their energy. I barely responded as I considered the invitation, allowing my senses to gather and sort through the waves of energy in the room.

Immediately drawn to a specific few, I asked a woman the names of them. Two were quartz crystals, one with an inclusion. Another was a Lemurian seed crystal. Another a combination of two different minerals forming a delicate bouquet of rose and tangerine in their growth. I was drawn to this one in particular, identified as stillbyte and apopholyte.

I do regret when my rational mind looks as price tags, but my sensible self argued against spending too much money. So I settled for a very small Ocean Jasper. It was a beautiful blue disc with bubbles of white and cream encircled with a deeper cobalt. It was conveniently small enough to travel with. I also selected a unique crystal with a lodolite growth within the crystal structure. The stillbyte and apopholyte would have to wait.

Hearing the call of invitation from a stone or crystal requires sensitivity and openness. There are several ways to respond to a conversation between one’s self and a crystal. To begin with, we must tune in to the frequency of our heart, allowing the vibration from the crystal to flow into and around us. And then we must listen with our whole self: heart, body, mind, and spirit.

Sometimes I can tune in without holding a crystal, but I usually hold it in my left hand in order to focus my listening. I don’t tend to hear words, but I will feel something, or not. What I feel can arrive through any of my senses. Sometimes I feel a different temperature emanating from the crystal, or a tingling somewhere in my body. Other times it’s just a sense of knowing or connection Or an energetic awareness in my auric field.

Basically, I get a sense, or a “message” that this beautiful being wants to come home with me. I may not know “why” right away. This takes a bit longer to learn. But it definitely wants to come along on the journey, maybe to help in some way. To join me in my healing quest, travel with me along my life’s path, or to work with a particular client.

Whatever the message, I’ve found it’s best to heed. Otherwise, you’ll regret leaving it behind, and find yourself pining away until you meet again. Such was the case for myself, having left behind that magnificent stillbyte and apopholyte cluster. The call was so strong, I sought it out in local crystal shops to find one. And I was successful!

Once you bring your new crystal home, there a several ways to get to know it better. One way to learn about your new stone is to utilize the research that others have undertaken and written about. My longtime favorite reference book is Melody’s Love Is In the Earth. A lovely woman at Mystical Bazaar recommended the Crystal Bible, Books 1, 2, and 3. These are sure to be on my bookshelf soon.

But you don’t need to take someone else’s word about the potential a new stone or crystal has for you. You can ask it yourself! Check out my next post to see how you do it!

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