There are many resources available that may help you with your personal growth and self-fulfillment.

Below you’ll find books and links to some resources I’ve collected over the years that may be helpful. These resources cover a variety of topics. Some topics are inspirational, and others are informative. Hopefully, you’ll find something here that speaks to and touches your heart. And if there’s something you were hoping to see that’s not listed, let me know.

I’ll continue to add to this resource page as relevant topics emerge, so be sure to check back often. Enjoy!






Master Healer Academy

If you are thinking about delving more deeply into essential oils and acupoint therapies, please use this link to check out Tiffany Carole’s courses. She is an amazing soul with beautiful offerings. 

The Art of Animal Self Healing

Caroline Ingraham founded Applied Zoopharmacognosy and is the leading expert in this field of animal self-medication. Her work encompasses an understanding of pharmacokinetics and pharmacology combined with animal self-medication. Using essential oils, Caroline has helped thousands of animals all over the world regain behavioral and physical health. 

Yoga International 

Hundreds of online yoga classes and coursework, articles and podcasts, check out

Tantrika Institute

This 8-week online course is a gift to all who feel called to practice and learn the path of the Tantra. 



Breath Sweeps Mind: A First Guide to Meditation Practice, Jean Smith

Offers a historical background on the teachings of Buddha, providing practical advice on how to begin meditating and how to apply the meditation ritual to one’s way of life, and presents a list of meditation and study centers throughout the world.

Breath: The Essence of Yoga, Sandra Sabatini

Sandra Sabatini’s Breath is full of insights and images, distilled from her yoga classes, to help you learn how to listen to the breath and how to approach some simple positions.
Whether you are a complete beginner or already practice yoga, these subtle, gentle suggestions can guide you naturally to a deeper appreciation of the essence of yoga.

Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals, Melody

This is a comprehensive reference book to the metaphysical properties of hundreds of minerals, correlated to the astrological signs.

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System, Anodea Judith

This classic introduction to the chakra system has been completely updated and revised, and includes chapters on relationships, evolution, and healing, and a new section on raising children with healthy chakras.

Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, by Caroline Myss

Myss’s breakthrough model of the body’s seven centers of spiritual and physical power, in which she synthesizes the ancient wisdom of three spiritual traditions-the Hindu chakras, the Christian sacraments, and the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life-to demonstrate the seven stages through which everyone must pass in the search for higher consciousness and spiritual maturity. With this model, Myss shows how you can develop your own latent powers of intuition as you simultaneously cultivate your personal power and spiritual growth.

Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential, Caroline Myss

Medical intuitive Caroline Myss has found that when people don’t understand their purpose in life the result can be depression, anxiety, fatigue, and eventually physical illness—in short, a spiritual malaise of epidemic proportions. Myss’s experience of working with people led her to develop a process for deciphering your own Sacred Contract—or higher purpose—using a new theory of archetypes that builds on the works of Jung, Plato, and many other contemporary thinkers.

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, Barbara Ann Brennan

With the clarity of a physicist and the compassion of a gifted healer with 15 years of professional experience observing 5,000 clients and students, Barbara Ann Brennan presents an in-depth study of the human energy field for people who seek happiness, health, and their full potential. The book offers: An understanding of how the human energy field works, training in the ability to see and interpret auras, case studies of healing people, and guidelines for healing the self and others.

Seven Steps to Inner Power: A Marital Arts Master Reveals Her Secrets for Dynamic Living, Grandmaster Tai Yun Kim

A uniquely inspiring and down-to-earth guide shows that no matter what your age or background, culture or career, you don’t have to settle for anything less than awesome in your life.

The World is as You Dream It: Shamanic Teachings from the Amazon and Andes, John Perkins

The story of remarkable shamans and U.S. medical doctors, psychologists, and scientists who have gone with Perkins to learn the techniques of dream change. These shamanic teachings have sparked a revolution in modern concepts about healing, the subconscious, and the powers each of us has to alter individual and communal reality.

Shape Shifting: Shamanic Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation, John Perkins

Shapeshifting can occur on three levels: cellular (transforming from human to plant or animal); personal (becoming a new self or leaving an addiction behind); and institutional (creating a new business or cultural identity). This groundbreaking book takes you to deserts and jungles, mountains and oceans, medical research centers and corporate boardrooms to learn the step-by-step methods of shape shifting that integrates ancient and modern techniques to bring about profound healing.