Linda Lee

Linda Lee

Listen to the wind…it whispers your destiny

In this moment the wind is speaking…

gently caressing the leaves above, landing fleeting shadows upon my face. Feeling the warmth of sun. Moving along its own path. Following an unseen current. Brass bells kissing. A musical sonnet.

The warmth of the sun invites sleep. A crow caws in the distance. Heat bugs clickety click, scritch and scretch. Rubbing their wings to a high crescendo, praising the heat of day. Reminding us where we are.

Where are we? Hello crow. Or is it raven? I think the latter. In this moment, the path in view is short. I cannot see around the bend. Quiet now.

Choosing the path that led me here, crossing the river with no tracks to follow. Stepping into the cool freshness, gingerly looking ahead through the crystal clear water. Searching for the best place to land my foot. The next step…

I am not in this moment. That was earlier today. This moment. It is hard to maintain being present in this moment for very long. So many distractions. Traveling in the mind and wandering…


How do we know if or when we are on the right path?

It kind of feels something like this. Gently swaying in the breeze, a bit of unease as the path is only revealed in small patches. Curiosity, and a gentle tug somewhere deep within. An interior voice nudging. This way, or no, that.

Change doesn’t come without some bit of discomfort. But we can choose to transform our lives with grace and ease. It’s nearly always a choice. Make friends with the unknown. It is relentless in its effect within our worried minds. Make friends with the unknown. For it is there that the path unfolds.

Engine roaring overhead. Someone else is soaring. Gentle breeze. Sleepy now, dreams may come. The sky is clear. Cerulean. Vibrant. Creaking branches tell a story. Reaching from above, lending a hand. Pointing the direction. Just around that corner…

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